A company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 2013

Over centuries, paper has been one of the “unsung” drivers of the world development. Paper remains an essential ingredient of homes, factories, offices and schools, even with the advent of the modern world of electronic communication and paperless offices. In fact, far from ushering in the paperless office, the advent of computers and other equipment has fueled the paper demand.  It is estimated that personal computers alone account for 115 billion sheets of paper every year world-wide.  Although the paper industry is cyclical, the long term trend is ever upwards as the demand continues to grow.  Unlike consumption trends in other mature commodity sectors, paper consumption shows little sign of decoupling from the economic growth.  In the developing world, paper consumption is growing quite rapidly – by more than 7% annually, but average per capita consumption remains low at about 15 Kgs per year, i.e., well below the 30 to 40 Kgs of paper per capita per year considered the minimum level to meet basic needs for communication and literacy.  Paper consumption is projected to grow rapidly and the biggest increase – over 80%- is expected to occur in developing countries in Asia, where demand is being driven by rapid growth of both incomes and population.

Hence, to invoke the potential available, the promoters have considered establishing the pulp and paper mill, salient features of which are appended.

A green field venture to set up a manufacturing facility to produce 210,000 TPA (600 TPD) of writing paper, printing paper, tissue paper, craft paper & packaging paper with all quality grades and supported by 500,000 TPA (1500 TPD) Pulp Mill with a 200 MW Captive Thermal Power Generation Station / Green Energy, subject to feasibility and De-Inking Plant, Captive Common Effluent Treatment Plant – at an estimated total cost of Rs. 3,135 crores;

The project is situated in Konta Village in Sukma District of Chattisgarh State.  The project area is well connected to the major towns, port & airport (with Rajahmundry at a distance of about 101 Kms, Kakinada at about 385 Kms, and Visakhapatnam at about 295 Kms) and located near coal mines.  A 132 KV Power Station is located within 5 Kms to the project area and availability of water from River Godavari within 5 Kms.  Since the project site is strategically located and connected to Telangana & Andhra Pradesh States, availability of trained manpower in abundant is assured. 

The facility will be installed under Special Investment Programme in the State of  Chhattisgarh;

 The project is designed to meet captive consumption and envisaged by a First Generation Entrepreneur, supported by many international partners from the paper industry.  

The project can be considered as the need of the hour by Indian Paper Manufacturers’ Association (IPMA) To produce consistent quality of paper meeting global standards with cheaper cost of production, yielding sizeable amounts of foreign exchange, being an export oriented unit. 

The company plans to raise 10,000 hectares of Bamboo Plantations, as part of the mix of species to be raised in and around the pulp mill. 

The company signed a broad In-principle understanding with M/s. Ecoplanet Bamboo Group LLC, Delaware, USA, under a collaboration arrangement.

Ø  The company envisages to

·         Allocate 100 MGD of industrial water supply from Godavari River

·         Allocate 1500 acres of land for establishment of the manufacturing facility

·         Allocate coal linkage for 1 lakh TPA for captive power plant and to facilitate logistics to develop the captive power generation upto 200 MW.

·         Facilitate satellite farming in partnership with local farming communities to grow wood / bamboo for pulp towards raw material requirement upto 1 lakh acres on Exclusive Procurement Basis.

Technical Partners :

·         M/s. PAPCEL Czech Republic – in existence since 1950 with HQ at Litovel, USA – a one-stop solution for complete paper making technologies, paper logistics and provides the best, direct & indirect, human resources to the paper industry.

·         M/s. Elof  Hansson of Sweden – with business concepts, including acquisition and development of  industrial and trading companies as also sale of machinery, equipment and complete plants to the global pulp and paper industry.

·         M/s. EcoPlanet Bamboo – a fully integrated commercial forestry company, providing comprehensive seed to sell solutions by combining geographically strategic and sustainably managed bamboo farms with innovative technology to produce truly sustainable products for bamboo packaging, toilet and tissue paper and textiles.

Technical Advisors :

·         Tata Consulting Engineering Limited

·         Ramky Group

·         Ecoplanet Bamboo


Financial Advisors :

·         Blu Oak Capital

·         JVS Consultants India LLP